How to Burn M4As to DVD

by Joshua Laud

If you are running low on space on your computer or you want to backup your files, you can burn files to blank DVDs. M4A files are audio files, typically created by iTunes when you rip your CD collection to your computer. If you want to burn M4A songs to backup DVDs, you can use the inbuilt Windows disc burning software.


Locate the M4A files you want to burn. Highlight them all and press "Ctrl"+"C" to copy them.


Insert a blank DVD into your disc burner.


Click "Burn files to data disc."


Enter a name for the disc and click "Mastered" in the "Show formatting options" list. Click "Next."


Press "Ctrl"+"V" to copy the files to the burn area. Click "Burn to disc." You have now burnt your M4A files to DVD.

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