How to Burn a Keynote Presentation onto a DVD

by Greyson Ferguson

If you are preparing for a presentation, most likely you have created some sort of slide-show presentation through Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar brand of software. However, you may find that you are not able to use your own personal computer for the presentation, in which case you need to place the contents of the presentation onto a DVD. You can create a movie file from your presentation and place it onto a video DVD so that it can be played without the aid of a computer.


Launch the presentation software you have used for your slide-show or other contents. Load up the keynote presentation you want to place onto a DVD.


Click the "File" button followed by "Save as Movie." This saves your presentation as a movie version of your presentation.


Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner on your computer. Close out any pop-up windows that appear asking if you want to load a specific software.


Launch the DVD burning software you have installed on your computer. Select to create a "Video DVD."


Click-and-drag the video file of your keynote presentation into the main viewing area of the program. Click the "Burn" button and your keynote presentation is burned onto the DVD.

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