How to Burn JPEG Pictures to CD or DVD

By Mitchell White

You'll need to buy blank DVD or CD-Rs from the computer store to burn images.
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If you have pictures in the JPEG format that you want to transfer to another computer, burning the images to disc is an effective way to do so. The program Windows Media Player can use your computer's CD or DVD Burn drive to transfer the file. Check your computer's manual to make sure you have the CD or DVD Burn drive required to burn your disc.

Insert your blank CD or DVD into your computer's disc drive.

Click "Start" in Windows and select "Windows Media Player." Select the "Burn" tab.

Click and drag your JPEG image from the "My Pictures" or other folder on your computer to the "Burn List" in the "Burn" tab.

Click "Start Burn" after filling up the disc to begin burning it.