How to Burn iTunes Music on Virtual CD

By Editorial Team

Updated December 13, 2019

How to Burn iTunes Music on Virtual CD. Burn iTunes music on virtual CD with the help of virtual CD software. Burning music to a virtual CD will allow you to play your iTunes music on any portable device you choose and not just your iPod.

Download virtual CD software to your computer. Noteburner (see Resources) has received the best reviews amongst users. Once installed, this software will create a virtual CD drive on your computer.

Open the Noteburner program to select your options. For the "Output" option, you want to select E:\mp3 songs. After you select this option, the "Output Format" option should automatically choose "MP3."

Change the default CD burner on your computer. Open your media player program (Windows Media Player, Real Player etc.), click on "Default Recordable Drive" in the "Preferences" menu. Choose your virtual CD drive.

Go to iTunes and set your burner options. You will want to switch it from whatever you have it on (most likely your current, physical CD-RW drive) to your virtual CD drive.

Burn iTunes music on virtual CD. Now, all you have to do is select "Burn/Transfer" from the iTunes task bar just as you would when you are burning a physical CD, load up your song list and click "Burn CD" when you have finished choosing all your songs.


Always keep in mind that Noteburner will not allow you to burn iTunes music on virtual CD that you haven't purchased.


Don't forget about available space. Just like physical CDs, virtual CDs have limited space as well, around 700MB for an average 80-minute CD.