How to Burn ISO to a Playable DVD

By J.S. Copper

Create a new DVD from your back up ISO file.
i dvd image by Tatu from

This ISO image format is a good way of backing up your personal DVD collection to your hard drive for safe keeping. If one of your DVDs has been scratched, you can recreate the DVD from the ISO image file. All that is needed is a DVD authoring/burning application and a blank DVD. Before doing so, make sure that your DVD player is capable of reading DVD+/-Rs.

Step 1

Download and install a DVD burning application, if you do not have one already. Roxio and Nero make fairly popular applications that offer free trials. Alcohol 120 is another option.

Step 2

Launch the application. From the "File" menu, select "Burn Image to Disc/Write Image to Disc/Burn Image.." The exact dialog will depend on the application used.

Step 3

Locate the ISO image file on your hard drive within the file selection dialog window that pops up. Select "Open."

Step 4

Select "Start Recording/Write Disc." Select the correct drive and set your desired write speed. Select "OK/Burn" to begin the process. Once the burn finishes, the DVD will be playable in your standalone DVD player (so long as it supports recordable discs).