How to Burn DVDs From a Handycam

By James Clark

Burn DVDs of Sony Handycam footage for long-lasting memories.
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The Sony Handycam is a digital camcorder that can be connected to a computer or stand-alone DVD burner to create copies of video footage on DVD. Besides creating a long-lasting copy on DVD, the advantage of burning video to disc is to free up space on the Handycam by deleting old footage. The Handycam connects to a computer or stand-alone DVD burner with a USB cable. The computer must be equipped with a DVD burner to copy Handycam footage onto disc.

Connect the Handycam to the computer or stand-alone DVD burner with the USB cable, inserting the plug on one end into the port on the back edge of the camcorder and the other end into a USB port on the PC or stand-alone burner.

Insert a blank DVD in the computer's media tray or the stand-alone burner and close the tray.

Press the "Menu" button on the Handycam to review the available video files. Highlight and click the desired files for burning to DVD, using the up and down arrow keys on the camcorder.

Press the "Record" button on the stand-alone DVD player to transfer the selected video files from the Handycam to the DVD.

Open the Handycam software on a computer connected to the camcorder by clicking the program name or the Handycam icon on the desktop, if burning a DVD to the PC's DVD drive.

Click the "Transfer Video" tab to open a folder of available video files on the Handycam. Click the left mouse button to select the desired videos for burning to disc, then click "Transfer". Copies of the videos will be stored automatically on the computer.

Open the software that manages the computer's DVD burner, such as Windows DVD Maker or iMovie on an Apple, by double-clicking the program name.

Click "Add Items" in Windows DVD Maker or "Import" in iMovie to open a folder on the computer containing available video files. Click once on each video file for the DVD and select "Add" in Windows DVD Maker or "Import" in iMovie.

Click "Next", then select menu styles and other features from the options on the software.

Click the "Burn" button to record the videos to the DVD.