How to Burn DVDs With Fast Encoding

by D. Wright

Burning DVDs with fast encoding is essential if you ever find yourself in a rush to burn the DVD. This can be accomplished simply by changing the encoding setting found in your favorite DVD burning software. Be careful about doing this because a fast encoding rate can hurt the overall quality of your DVD when it is burned, such as video skipping, blinking or sound being muted. If this option is a must, however, know that this is entirely possible and easy.


Insert your blank DVD-R into your computer's CD/DVD burner.


Open your favorite DVD burning program.


Find the encoding options in the program. These options will sometimes be in the settings, or the encoding options may have their own tab in the main window of the program. If you cannot find the encoding option in the program, consult its website. Turn the encoding option to "high." This may read something along the lines of "highest encoding/lowest quality." Nevertheless, the option will be self explanatory.


Click the "Burn" button on the program to begin burning your DVD with the fastest encoding rate. This will significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to successfully burn a DVD; in fact, it may potentially cut the amount of time by half.


  • close Although increasing the encoding rate does decrease the amount of time it takes to burn a DVD significantly, it also decreases the overall quality of the DVD.

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