How to Burn Dvds With a Computer

by Randall Shatto

If you download DVD movies or rip a movie from your collection of DVDs, you can burn them from your computer. With this method, you can download free DVD movies from the Internet and play them on your computer of from a home DVD system. There are free and shareware programs that you may obtain to accomplish this for you. In approximately 30 to 45 minutes, you will have a DVD that you can use in any DVD system.


Download and install a DVD burning program. You can use Windows Media Player to burn music CDs and DVDs. This free program comes standard with Windows XP and Vista. You may need to upgrade it from the Microsoft website. Other applications you can use to burn DVDs with a computer are Nero 9, ZC DVD Creator Platinum and Ashampoo Burning Studio Free.


Click on the "Start Menu" icon. Go to the "All Programs" tab. Open Windows Media Player by clicking on the link.


Insert a DVD-R disk into your DVD burner. You must use a DVD-R disk as a DVD-RW disk is rewritable and cannot be used to burn DVDs to play in regular DVD players.


Press the "File" button on the toolbar in the Windows Media Player. Scroll to the "Open" tab and click on it. Browse through your folders until you locate your DVD movie. Highlight the movie and press the "Open" button on the bottom of the window.


Click on the "Library" tab. Your movie will be present. Press the "Burn" tab. Select the "Burn Now Playing" link on the right side of the screen. Click the "Start Burn" button. Wait approximately 45 minutes for the DVD to finish. This depends on the speed of your burner as well as your computer.


  • close Do not remove the DVD from the drive until the process is complete. This can harm your DVD disk and you will need to start the burning over.

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