How to Burn to a DVD-R

by Contributor

A DVD-R is a recordable DVD with storage capacity of 4.7 GB. However, it is possible to write the information on such a disc only once, while a DVD-RW allows you to rewrite the content up to 1,000 times. DVD burning is a fast way to create a backup copy of important files as well as to transfer a large chunk of information from one computer to another.


Log in to your user account in Windows Vista and insert a blank DVD-R into the DVD burner.


Click "Start" in the lower left corner; choose "Computer" to open Windows Explorer.


Browse to the folder with files you want to burn on DVD.


While holding "Ctrl" on your keyboard, click on each such file to make a selection. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-A" on the keyboard to select all files in the folder.


Click the button "Burn" in Windows Explorer. Type a desired disc name in the field "Disk title" and click "Next."


Click the button "Burn to disk" and then "Next" to begin DVD-R burning.