How to Burn a DVD of a Playlist in iTunes

by Contributor

If you own a DVD burner, you can burn songs and videos or backup your library using iTunes' burning capabilities. Follow these steps.

Insert a blank DVD-ROM into your DVD burner.

Open iTunes on your computer.

To create a playlist, click "File" and then "New Playlist."

Type in a name for your playlist. This will also be the name of your DVD.

Add files to your playlist. Browse through your library. Drag a file from your library and drop it into your playlist.

Click your playlist to open it and view the files.

To rearrange your playlist, drag and drop the files within it.

Remove tracks by clicking them and pressing "Delete." This removes them from only the playlist. It will not delete them from your hard drive.

To set your options, click "Edit," and then "Preferences." Select "Advanced," and then "Burning." Choose the burn speed and identify the type of disk you want to burn. Click "OK" when you are done.

Click "Burn Disc." The button is in the top right corner in older versions, and in the bottom right corner for the latest version.

Wait for a sound and a message that will indicate the disk is finished burning. The disk should appear on the left when it is safe to eject.


  • check A DVD holds over five times as much as a CD, so it's ideal for backing up your MP3. To back up your library, click "File," and then "Back Up To Disc."
  • check For an error-free performance, do not run any other programs while the disk burns.


  • close Most stereos and CD players cannot play DVDs.

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