How to Burn a DVD With My iMac

by Sophie Southern
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The Apple iMac comes with a DVD drive capable of both playing and burning, or recording, DVDs. You can use DVDs to store files, such as music or documents, or you can create your own custom DVD movies complete with personalized menus. The iMac lets you burn DVDs both through the Finder and through iDVD, which is Apple's application for creating DVDs. Use the Finder to burn data DVDs for backing up or storing files; use iDVD to create a personalized DVD that will play on DVD players.


Step 1

Create a new folder on your Mac by selecting "File," then "Create a new folder" from the top menu on your Desktop. You can also create a new folder by holding the "Command" key (sometimes called the "Apple" key), "Shift" key and the letter "N" at the same time. Give your folder an appropriate name.

Step 2

Move the items you want to burn into your new folder. If you don't want to move the items from their original location, select the items to burn, hold the "Option" key and click the highlighted items. Select "Duplicate" from the drop-down menu. Move the duplicated items into your new folder. Take into consideration that one DVD holds 4.7GB of information when choosing your files.

Step 3

Insert a blank DVD into your iMac's optical drive. Give the DVD a name and choose a writing speed when the prompt appears.

Click on the Finder icon located in your dock to bring up a new Finder window. Open your new folder with the items you want to burn. Click the "Burn" button, which should appear in the top-right corner of the Finder window. Allow your DVD to finish burning before attempting to eject it.


Step 1

Open your "Applications" folder, then double-click the iDVD application icon to open. Choose "Create a new project" to create a custom DVD. Choose "Magic DVD" to make a DVD using ready-made templates.

Step 2

Drop your movies or photos into the iDVD application window and arrange them in the order you like. If you have created your own project, drop files into the "Drop Zone" area of the application window. If you have chosen "Magic DVD," drop videos and photos into the slots provided. Add audio by selecting the "Audio" tab from your media library, located in the right column of the iDVD application window.

Insert a blank DVD into your iMac and click the "Burn" button, located next to the "Play" button. Allow your DVD to burn completely before attempting to eject or quit the application.


  • Using heavy or powerful applications can slow down the DVD burning process and in some cases may cause your computer to stall.
  • Do not move your computer while burning a DVD; this can interrupt the burning process and possibly result in a damaged or incomplete DVD.

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