How to Burn a DVD to a CD

by Mitchell White

It is possible to transfer a DVD to a special kind of CD with the right program and hardware. In order to burn a DVD onto a CD, you need to have a DVD drive on your computer that is capable of burning. First you will need to "rip" the video file off of the DVD. "Ripping" is a term for transferring files from the DVD to your computer. Then, you can take out the DVD, and put in a blank CD and "burn," that is transfer, the movie file to the blank CD.


Download a program capable of ripping and burning blank CDs, like Nero, by going to the website and clicking "Download" (see Resources section below).


Put your DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and close the drive.


"Rip" the file off the DVD by going into Nero and selecting the "Rip and Burn" tab. Select the files on the DVD and the directories you want them to go to and then "rip" them from the DVD to your computer.


Burn the files that are now on your computer onto a disc that is large enough. This will likely be a DVD-R. Select "CD" to burn to a regular CD and "DVD" to burn to a DVD-R, which is a kind of CD that has more space on it. Go into the burn tab again, and select the files on your computer that you want to burn. After you have done so, a bar should appear that shows you how much of the space available you have used. If the bar fills up and turns red at the end, then you have used too much and need a bigger disc to continue.


Remove the DVD movie from your drive and place a DVD-R in its place. Click "burn" to burn the files onto the new disk.

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