How to Burn Dish Network DVR Recordings to a DVD

By Si Kingston

You can transfer movies from your Dish Network DVR to a DVD to free up space.
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Primary Dish Network receivers come complete with a DVR. Using the DVR feature, you can record programs to watch later. But a Dish Network DVR will only hold so much content before you have to start deleting shows to make room for new recordings. To remedy this situation, set up a DVD recorder with your Dish Network receiver. With a DVD recorder, you can copy content currently saved on the receiver's DVR, or programs playing in real time, to a DVD.

Connect DVD Recorder

Step 1

Connect RCA or component cables to the matching "Out" ports on the back of the Dish Network receiver. Connect the other end of those component cables to the matching "In" ports on the back of the TV.

Step 2

Connect a coaxial cable into the DVD recorder's "Antenna In" port.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the coaxial cable into the "Out" coaxial connector on the Dish Network receiver.

Record From Dish Network

Step 1

Power on the TV, DVD recorder and Dish Network receiver. Insert a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc into the DVD recorder; the DVD recorder will format the disk.

Step 2

Press the recording mode button on DVD recorder remote to choose a recording mode. Many recorders offer several modes such as HQ, HSP, SP, LP, EP and SLP. Each mode offers a different level of quality in exchange for more or less recording time. For instance, in HQ mode, you can only get 60 minutes of video on the DVD, but the quality is higher. In SLP mode, the recorder will copy 360 minutes of video, but the quality of the image is not as good.

Step 3

Turn to the program that you want to record on Dish Network, either live or recorded on the DVR.

Step 4

Press the "Record" button on the DVD recorder remote, and if you're recording a program from the Dish Network DVR, press "Play" on the Dish Network remote.

Step 5

Press "Stop" to end recording on the DVD recorder remote. The recorder will prompt you to enter a name for the program and finalize the disk. Only finalize the disk if you don't want to record any more programs on it.