How to Burn CSS Protected DVDs

by Jerel Jacobs

If you would like to make backup copies of your personal DVD library, you may have encountered CSS. CSS stands for Content Scramble System and was developed to protect DVDs from illegal distribution. However, CSS also makes it impossible to copy your own purchased DVDs for archival use without the use of specialized CSS decryption software.


Download DVD decryption software. The two most popular based on platform are AnyDVD (for PC) and Mac The Ripper (for Mac). AnyDVD is free for a trial period and then requires a licensing fee. Mac The Ripper is a free program.


Install the DVD decryption software on your computer by opening the downloading installation file and following the included instructions for your particular program and type of computer.


Once the software is loaded, insert a DVD into your DVD drive and open your decryption program. Select "Back Up" or "Burn Disk." You will notice the program scanning the disk and analyzing the encryption keys. After it has finished, it will store the unencrypted copy of the DVD files in a folder on your computers desktop.


Remove the DVD disk, and insert a blank DVD-R. Now your DVD burning software will write the unencrypted copy of the DVD files stored on your desktop (or other specified location) to the DVD-R. Depending on the capabilities of your computer and the speed of your disk drive, this process may take some time.


Test the DVD copy by attempting to play it in your DVD player or by playing it back using your computer.


  • check CSS was introduced in 1996 and stands for Content Scramble System.
  • check Always obtain the copyright holders permission before burning content protected DVDs.


  • close Burning DVDs that are under copyright without obtaining permission is illegal and punishable by fine and jail time. Check the laws in your area before using decryption software to back up DVDs. Be sure that you have obtained the necessary permissions.

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