How to Burn a Color Image on the Front of a CD

by Ziggy Thomas

CDs have come a long way since their introduction and no longer require writing on them for labeling. There are printers that can print directly onto a CD. These printers are expensive and often require special CDs for the printed label to stick. There are also labels a normal printer cane produce that can be peeled off and attached to the CD. Printed labels are cheaper, work on all CDs and are usually more useful for consumers.

CD Printer


Insert your disk into your CD printer.


Use the software that came with your printer to upload the image you want on your CD.


Press "Print" and wait for the printing process to complete.

Printed Labels


Select the image you want printed onto your label and make sure it is formatted to the correct size of the label.


Select "Print" and wait for the printing process to complete.


Peel the label off the sheet and apply it to the front of the CD.

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