How to Burn a CD-ROM

By Matthew Fortuna

A CD-ROM is a type of disc that is readable by computers but not writable. These CD-ROMs, once they contain data, can be inserted into computers from use of or viewing of their files, but they cannot be erased or added onto. However, it is possible to buy blank CD-ROMs to copy files to them. Once you have copied files and burned your CD-ROM, it can be read or accessed in any CD drive.

Step 1

Insert the blank CD into your CD drive and search your library for the files you would like to burn to your CD.

Step 2

Click on the item(s) you would like to copy to your CD and click "Copy to CD" in the side menu bar. The files will be sent to your CD for burning, in which case you will be prompted to name the CD and specify the specification of your burn.

Step 3

Click "Next" and "OK" to perform a standard burn. Click "Write Files to CD" and your disc will begin burning. Depending on your computer speed and file sizes, the burning process may take several minutes.