How to Burn a CD Using Windows Media Player

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This article will guide you through the process of burning music from Windows Media Player onto a CD. You must have music available on Windows Media Player to use this article, whether it is music that was downloaded or copied from disk onto your computer. Using Windows Media Player to burn a CD is more convenient than other programs because it comes free on your computer, There is nothing more to buy or download to be able to use this program.

How To Burn a CD Using WIndows Media Player

To begin, navigate to your Start button on the bottom left corner of you screen and click on it. When your Start Menu opens, locate and click on Windows Media Player to open your program. Your media player will now open. Depending on your operating system, processor speed and number of songs in your media player, this can take anywhere from five seconds to a few minutes. The more music you have on your computer, the less available space your operating system has to work in. Now that your media player is open, click on "Burn" in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a new, smaller window on the side of your player.

Now that you have readied your Burn function, go to the left side of your screen and click on "Library." If you know the names of the songs you are going to burn today, click on "Songs" under "Library." This will now populate all the songs listed in your Windows Media Player Library. Scroll through your songs by clicking the arrow in the lowermost right corner of the screen. As you find the songs you wish to burn, simply right click on it and hold. Move your cursor over to the window that says Burn. This creates your Burn list, the songs you will be putting on your CD. Repeat this process until all the songs you want to burn are in the window that says Burn.

The order the songs are listed in under the Burn window is the order they will be on your CD. If you want to change the order, simply click and hold down on the song you want to move, and move it upward or downward to the desired position. Now that your song list is in the order you want it, go to the top of your screen to the Burn button. Click and hold the button down and you are given some options. Make sure that "Audio CD" is checked. If you want all of your music to stay the same volume when playing, click next to "Apply Volume Leveling Across Tracks On Audio CDs." Also, if you want the disk to eject after burning is complete, click on "Eject Disk After Burning."

Now that you have set preferences for your CD, insert a new, lint free writable CD into your CD Burner and close the disk drive. When you are ready to begin, click on the button on the bottom right side of the screen that says "Start Burn." Your media player will then change to the Burn view. This shows all of the songs you are putting on the disk and the order they are being burned in. To the right of the song name is the progress of your songs being transferred to disk. After all of your songs have been transferred, a small box will pop up alerting you that your computer is finalizing the disk. This means that no more information can be put on the disk after this process is complete.

Your disk will now eject, as the burn is done. If you would like, you can test it now on a CD player to ensure that your music sounds as good as it did on your media player. Congratulations, you have just burned your first CD using Windows Media Player.


  • check If you decide to use a CD-RW, or Read-Writable disk, you can add music at any time to the disk by completing these steps again, and reinserting the same CD into your drive.


  • close Copyright Infringement is a prosecutable felony punishable by fines and/or prison. Please do not use music that you have not paid for.

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