How to Burn a Bootable CD Using an Img File

By Elvis Michael

You may effectively burn an IMG file to most optical media brands.
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An IMG file is a type of format used to store compressed data on your computer. A typical method to view the contents stored within the file is by burning it to a disc. As a result, the CD acts as a bootable media which allows all files to be accessed directly from it. As of Windows 7, Microsoft has implemented native image burning capabilities into its operating system.

Step 1

Insert a blank CD into your CD or DVD writer.

Step 2

Double-click the IMG file to launch it automatically with Windows Disc Image Burner. Otherwise, right-click the IMG file and select "Burn Disc Image."

Step 3

Click the "Disc Burner" drop-down menu and assign the optical disc drive containing the disc you wish to use.

Step 4

Click "Burn" to effectively write the IMG file to disc. Press "Close" to exit the application once the procedure finishes the disc writing process.