How to Burn AVI Movies to DVD With ImgBurn

By Alexis Lawrence

ImgBurn burns nearly any type of video file to DVD.
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If you have AVI movie files that you would like to burn onto DVD, you can use ImgBurn, a free DVD-burning application that burns digital video to disc. Though the ImgBurn DVD-burning application technically burns only ISO, or disc image files, to disc, the program includes a built-in feature that you can use to create an ISO out of standard video files. The build function of ImgBurn accepts many video formats, including AVI.

Step 1

Download and install the ImgBurn DVD-burning application to your computer. Find free downloads of ImgBurn at the manufacturer's website or at the CNET computer site (see Resources).

Step 2

Open ImgBurn on your computer. To open the ImgBurn DVD-burning application, go to "Start," "All Programs" and click on the "ImgBurn" folder. Then click on the "ImgBurn" program from the folder. The main interface of ImgBurn opens in a window.

Step 3

Press the "Write file/folders to disc" button on the first screen of ImgBurn. This launches the Build wizard, which allows you to upload individual files to be burned to disc. Click the "Advanced" tab to display the advanced building tools.

Step 4

Click "Show Disc Layout Editor" in the "Source" pane to open the editor and add the AVI movies that you want to burn to the ImgBurn project. When the "Disc Layout Editor" window opens, click on any of the main folders that appears in the navigation pane in the upper left corner to show the subfolders and files contained in that folder in the right pane. Double-click any subfolder in the right pane to view the files in the folder and then double-click each AVI file to add it to the project list in the lower pane.

Step 5

Press the "Save" button to save the settings and return to the burning window. Place a blank DVD-R into the DVD-writing drive of your computer and click the "Burn" button in the lower left of the burn screen. The AVI files that you added to the disc convert into an ISO image file and write to the disc.