How to Find a Built in Microphone on a HP Computer

By C. Taylor

The internal microphone on a laptop allows convenient voice capture.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Not all HP computers have built-in, or internal, microphones. Desktops, for example, do not offer internal microphones, nor do some HP laptops. Locating your internal microphone helps you determine if you indeed have one, and allows you to properly position yourself for optimal voice capture. If you do not have an internal microphone, you will have a microphone jack, where you can attach an external microphone instead.

Step 1

Consult your HP user manual and look for "internal microphone" on the laptop pictures, which display the location of buttons, speakers and other components. If you have an internal microphone, it should be depicted.

Step 2

Look at the top of your LCD for a tiny hole, which will be labeled with "mic" or a small graphic of a microphone.

If you have an integrated camera at the top of the display, then your microphone is located to the side(s) of the camera. All HP laptops with an integrated camera also have internal microphones near the webcam.

Step 3

Look along the bottom of the LCD, near the hinges, for a small hole labeled "mic" or with a microphone icon. If you still cannot locate an internal microphone, then you probably do not have one.