How to Build a Virtual Bridal Bouquet

By Amanda Long

Creating a virtual bouquet is a great way to figure out your floral budget.
i bouquet image by apeschi from

Before spending money on a bridal bouquet, many brides want an idea of what it will look like. You can view sample bouquets by visiting the florist shop and browsing through photos, browsing photo galleries on the Internet or creating a virtual bridal bouquet online. Creating a virtual bouquet is easy, and allows you to customize the look of your bouquet to print and share with your florist, or use as a guide if you plan on making your own.

Find software online, or a website, that offers a way to create a virtual bouquet. If you are good at programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, you might be able to create your own very detailed bouquet, or you can build one by going through steps using a website such as Designed by the Bride.

Choose "Design your Bouquet" while browsing the Designed by the Bride website.

Using your computer mouse, choose a flower that you would like to place into the palette. Drag and drop the flower into its desired location.

Navigate to the toolbar to make adjustments to your flowers such as rotating, enlarging or removing them from your palette.

Continue to add the flowers one at a time until you have reached your desired bouquet fullness.

Add filler content, such as baby's breath, leaves and other greenery to give your bouquet depth.

Print your new virtual bouquet by clicking the "Print" button on the navigation toolbar.