How to Build a Subwoofer Box for Two 10 Inch Subwoofers

by Nichole Liandi

If you want to add some bass punch to your vehicle, a pair of 10-inch subwoofers can put the audio firepower you're looking for into your car. Two 10-inch subs provide plenty of surface space to move the air you need for big bass. An important part of the system is a solid, well-constructed box to house the subs. With basic materials and tools, you can build a box that'll complement your subs and let them do their work.

Step 1

Measure and cut two end panels from the MDF with a circular saw. The panels should measure 14 by 14 inches.

Step 2

Measure and cut top and bottom panels from the MDF with a circular saw. The panels should measure 14 by 28 inches.

Step 3

Measure and cut front and back panels from the MDF with a circular saw. The panels should measure 13 by 28 inches.

Step 4

Assemble the top, bottom, front and back panels together to form a hollow box. Overlap the pieces so the dimensions measuring around the box are 14 by 14 inches. Screw the pieces together with wood screws, spaced every 3 inches.

Step 5

Place the end panels onto the box and screw them in place with wood screws spaced every 3 inches.

Step 6

Cut two openings in the front panel of the box for your subwoofer. Space the openings so they are equidistant top to bottom and side to side.

Step 7

Drill two 1/4-inch holes in the back of the box, centered on the openings in the front. Feed a piece of speaker wire into each hole from the outside. Reach inside the box from the front, grasp the wires and pull them out the front openings.

Connect the speaker wires to your subwoofers. Place the subwoofers in the openings and screw them into place.


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