How to Build a Speaker box

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Get great sound without spending a lot of money by designing and creating your own speaker box. You can create different types and sizes using wood and sound equipment. Use these tips to build a speaker box that suits your needs.

Step 1

Determine the size of speaker box that you want or choose the speaker driver first and build a box to fit the speaker driver. Your speaker box will be just slightly larger than the sound driver itself.

Step 2

Decide what kind of wood you need. Speakers are often made of particle board or medium density fiberboard because the sound vibrates well with these types of wood. Get six pieces of wood the same size or buy a large piece and cut the smaller pieces yourself. You need pieces for the top, the bottom, the two sides, the back and the front.

Step 3

Cut the circle size for the speaker driver first and insert the driver into the front panel. Screw in the driver using the holes on the side edges of the driver.

Step 4

Drill holes into the board where you want the screws to fit. Use a screwdriver to attach the sides of the box together. Pick screws that have no threads at the top so the boards can be screwed together tightly. Cover the front of the speaker with black speaker cloth to hide the speaker driver and the screws. Staple or glue the speaker cloth onto the wood.

Step 5

Make a hole in the back panel so you can extend the wiring from the speaker driver to the outside of the speaker box. You want to be able to plug the speaker into the wall.

Step 6

Glue the sides of the box together even though they will also be screwed in because the wood will hold together better.

Step 7

Add small wedges or braces to the inside of the speaker box so that the sound remains steady and doesn't vibrate from side to side. Use small braces so the sound can still move around the speaker box freely.

Seal the speaker box by filling all the inside edges of the speaker box with silicon so that the air doesn't escape from the speaker box. Stuff the speaker box with polyfill or fiberglass to insulate the box and improve the sound. The amount you use depends on the sound you want.


  • Paint the wood if you want the speaker to reflect your color scheme.

Items you will need

  • Wood
  • Speaker driver
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Insulation

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