How to Build & Sell Computers

By Aaron Wardell

Building and selling computers is a great way to turn a hobby into a profitable business. As computer parts become cheaper and the demand for computer systems grows, there is money to be made if you have the know-how to build functional PC computers and resell them for a profit.

How to build and sell computers

Research and find an outlet for inexpensive computer parts. The cheapest computer parts are available through online retailers. There are thousands of Internet computer parts dealers, so do some research to find the best deals. Keep in mind things like bulk purchases and return policies.

Decide what kind of computers you will sell. There are many types of PC computers, ranging from servers to gaming PCs, each catering to a different target market. Build your PCs to target a specific range of consumers, at least until you grow your business.

Assemble and test your systems. Once you have an idea of what type of computers you want to build, assemble a few test models and put them through the rigors of normal computer usage. Install the operating system, play games and run diagnostic tests to work out any bugs or hardware conflicts. Your systems should be as rock solid as possible before selling them to avoid potential problems down the road.

Find a selling outlet. Now that your computers are ready to sell, research and find buyers. The most obvious online outlet is Ebay, but there are other online auction sites that may be useful. Friends and family may also be interested in purchasing your computers. Also check with local businesses to determine their computing needs.

Streamline your business to fit your needs. Now that you have computers and buyers, make your business more profitable by expanding to other outlets or targeting a more specific consumer market. For instance, if you build gaming PCs, target hard-core gamers who like to install water-cooling systems and customize their cases with lights. Build powerful and customizable systems they are interested in buying. Visit Internet forums that cater to these individuals and find out what they are excited about.

Don't forget basic bookkeeping. As your business becomes more profitable, keep track of expenses, inventory and receipts. Not only will this increase your business' productivity, it will also keep you organized when tax season rolls around. If you earn over a certain amount, you must claim it on your Federal income taxes.