How to Build a Free Psychic Website

By Meg Jernigan

Build a Free Psychic Website
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Psychics to generate business, and keep their name in the public's eye. Email consultations can be a time saver because you can answer the mail in your off hours if you have an open business. Build a free psychic website with these basics, and then customize it for your clients.

Write a plan for your website. Take into consideration which web tools you'll need, including mailing lists, chat rooms and shopping cart technology. Also think about how much bandwidth you will need.

Compare free web-hosting companies. Some provide very few tools, and most place advertisements on your website. Make sure the company you choose offers all the services you'll need before signing on. Remember that good customer support will be vital as you learn how to make a website.

Start building the website with the tools the provider offers. The homepage should show visitors the services you offer and your credentials. Include a photograph of yourself and appropriate graphics to hold a visitor's interest.

Display contact information prominently. If business is conducted only by email, make sure your email address is listed on every page. If psychic consultations are done by phone, sign up for a toll-free service for clients to call.

Explain the methods you use for psychic consultations, like chats, email or telephone on the website. Consider introducing chat rooms that you will monitor.

Create a page that lists the services offered and rates. Mention any discounts or special offers for repeat customers. Keep all this information current.

Use shopping cart technology on an order page if you have books, CDs or other items to sell. Post photos of the merchandise, and give complete product descriptions. Include information on shipping and handling charges as well.

Keep a blog about your accomplishments, observations and ideas, and happenings in the industry. Update it regularly with information and amusing anecdotes to keep visitors engaged and coming back to read the latest entries.