How to Build a Phone Ringing Light

By Renee Gerber

Add lights to your phone so you can see a call ringing.
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It is frustrating not to hear your phone ringing at home. This is of particular concern to people who are hearing-impaired, or those who work in noisy conditions. A solution is to build a phone-ringing light that indicates the phone is ringing by a flashing light. If you are within view of your phone, you will always know when someone is calling. You can build your own lights for phones with some patience, skill and a few tools.

Step 1

Disconnect the phone's handset and turn the phone upside-down. Use a flat-edge screwdriver to remove the screws at each corner of the plate, then pull the plate off of the phone's bottom.

Step 2

Locate the ringer inside the phone. Use your flat-edge screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the ringer within and remove the ringer.

Step 3

Locate the wire from both the positive and negative leads on the piezo buzzer inside the phone. Use a wire stripper to loosen them, then wrap the wire around the post of the buzzer in the opposite direction from how the screws turn to avoid fraying.

Step 4

Connect the positive lead wire from the piezo buzzer to the LED light. Do the same with the negative lead, connecting it to the LED light as well.

Step 5

Heat up a soldering iron for five minutes. Use the iron to solder the exposed ends of the wire attached to the screw on the left side of the phone ringer, connecting it to one of the conducive pins at the bottom of the LED light. Do the same thing for the wire attached to the screw on the right side of the phone ringer to connect it to the other conducive pin on the LED light.

Step 6

Use a hand drill with a 1/4-inch drill bit to create a hole in the phone's bottom plate. Insert the LED light through the hole and reconnect the bottom to the phone. Use your screwdriver to tighten the screws back in..

Step 7

Replace the handset back on the phone. Test out the LED light by using your cell phone and calling the phone number to see if the light works.