How to Build Your Own Website Offline

By Josh Shear

Learn how to build an offline website.
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Building an offline website is essentially the same as building an online website, with the one exception that the site is not made available on the Internet.

One reason to make an offline website might be to place it on a shared server in a home or workplace, so that anyone with a computer on the network can view the website but others cannot (this is typically called an "Intranet" website).

Another reason to build and maintain a website offline is for the convenience of the creator, possibly from going from offline to online.

How to Build Your Own Offline Website

The first step to building any website, whether offline or online, is to plan the content and organization of the site. Start by deciding what will be on the website, and then decide how it will be organized.

Create a new folder on your computer for your offline website.

Start a new file in your Web development program called index.html. A free piece of Web development software is listed in Resources below.

Place your content on the index.html file. For help with HTML code, see Resources for a tutorial.