How to Build a Music Producer Website

By Qyou Stoval

Producers can showcase their talents online.
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Many people assume music artists heard on the radio and seen on television are the only people that earn large sums of money when it comes to music. Music producers are needed to connect the right beat and the right lyrics with the best artist. Songwriters and music producers can make more money than the artists themselves based on their ability to produce quality, popular music. Creating a music producer website allows you to showcase your talents as a music producer for potential artists and record companies.

Register a domain name for your website. Your domain name is the web address that will be used to reach your website. Your domain name should be catchy, memorable, and easy to spell. You may choose to use your name as your domain name or the name of your production company. Registration for the domain name can be as little as $1 to over $14 per year.

Obtain web hosting for your website. If you choose to have music samples on the website, your web hosting package may be more expensive than choosing to have a website with general information about yourself. Web hosts have multiple servers used to maintain the content and traffic that comes to various websites. Web hosts can charge as little as $3 dollars or over $100 per month. Start with a cheaper web hosting package initially, and as your business and content grows you may be asked to upgrade to a more expensive account.

Sketch out the look and content of your website. Since music producers are considered creative, your potential clients may expect to reach an edgy and creative website as well. Draw out the colors, logos and messages you would like to add to your site. Use word-processing software to check for grammatical and spelling errors when writing your content.

Choose your best music, beats and samples of finished work to showcase on your website. Potential clients need to hear a sample of your work to determine if you will be a good match for them. Make sure any work you upload to your website is copy-written so it is not stolen. Copyright your music through the U.S. Copyright Office (see resources). Allow friends, family and people you may know in the music industry to help you pick out the best media you would like to showcase on your website.

Create your website using preexisting templates or hire a freelance web designer to create your website. There are website templates (free and paid) you can download that will allow you to input information for your site. Web templates may limit you to certain colors and content, so you may want to hire a freelance web designer to design a unique site. Use sites like or