How to Build a Homemade TV Stand

by R.L. Cultrona

Like most homeowners, you probably need someplace to put your television. The television-stand industry is huge because all television owners need someplace to put it with extra storage for a DVD player or video game system. Instead of spending the money to purchase a TV stand, building one is simply a matter of attaching the right size of plywood together to form a sturdy box.

Fit together a rectangular frame with the two pieces of 18-by-25-inch, 3/4 inch plywood and the two pieces of 18-by-23 3/4-inch, 3/4-inch plywood. The frame should be constructed so that the 18-by-23 3/4-inch plywood pieces are in between the 18-by-25-inch pieces.

Square the angles of the frame with the carpenter's square and screw the frame together. Drive screws through the 18-by-25-inch plywood so that they attach to the smaller boards with screws every 4 to 6 inches. Stand the frame up so that one of the 18-by-25-inch boards are flat on the ground.

Measure down from the bottom of the top piece of plywood 6 inches toward the center of the frame. Make a mark at this location. Place the piece of 18-by-23 1/2-inch plywood inside the frame at this mark so it is parallel with the top and bottom. Square the angles with the carpenter's square and screw this shelf to the frame by driving the wood screws through the sides of the frame and into the shelf. Screws should be 4 to 6 inches apart.

Place the piece of 25-by-25 1/4-inch plywood over one side of the open frame so that it covers one of the openings. Screw this piece, which will form the back of the cabinet, to the frame by driving in screws in all four corners and then around the perimeter every 4 to 6 inches.

Drill a hole through the back of the cabinet inside the shelf with the hole saw. This allows any cords to pass through the stand unobstructed.


  • check To use this for a larger television, simply make the top, bottom and rear pieces longer. However, if this gets too long, you may need to add vertical support beams---3/4-inch plywood---throughout the interior of the stand.


  • close Do not skimp on screws. The screws allow the stand to stay together, making it sturdy. If there aren't enough screws, the entire stand could collapse

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