How to Build a Home Network With 10 or More Computers

By Faizah Imani

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Are there individuals in your home who want to have Internet access but they can't because there is only one computer in your house that is Internet-ready? Because there is only one Internet-ready computer, everyone has to wait their turn to use it. This can quickly become a headache. Setting up a home network could be the answer to your problems.

Step 1

Establish broadband Internet service with an Internet service provider of your choice. Your Internet service provider will send you a broadband modem if you don't already have one.

Step 2

Check to ensure that your primary computer has an ethernet card installed. If it doesn't, purchase one and install it.

Step 3

Purchase a 10-port router. Netgear, D-Link and Linksys are three companies from which you can purchase 10-port routers. Procure nine additional ethernet (Cat 5) cables. If the router does not come with the extra cables, purchase the cables from an electronics or computer store.

Step 4

Power on your computer. Connect one end of the ethernet cable that came with your router into the router's WAN port. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable into the modem port labeled "Internet," "WAN" or "WLAN." Turn off your computer.

Step 5

Connect another ethernet cable from your modem's ethernet port to the ethernet port on the back of your computer. Power on your computer. Your Internet connection will be recognized.

Step 6

Connect the remaining ethernet cables to the ethernet ports that are on the other computers that you desire to network. One end of the cables should be connected to the computers. The other end of the cables should be connected to a port that is on the back of the router. After you power off each of the computers and reboot them, the Internet connection will be recognized.