How to Build a Digital TV Signal Booster

By Scarlett Gauthier

Enhance the signal on your television with a signal booster.
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Digital televisions broadcast signals through receivers. Although some home owners may have only a single television and a cable TV provider's receiver, many home owners have multiple televisions. This is also the case in public places, such as bars or restaurants. The cable receiver signal can be split among the multiple televisions. However, the signal quality can be lost when it is being transmitted. You can create a digital TV signal booster to enhance the image quality when the signal is transmitted from one TV to another.

Step 1

Attach one end of the gold coaxial cable into the port identified as "Out" on your splitter. If a splitter is not being used, insert the cable into the "Out" port in your cable receiver.

Step 2

Connect the free end of the cable on the "In" port of the desired power signal enhancer.

Step 3

Insert one of the ends of the signal enhancer to an electrical outlet and the unoccupied end to the television's "In" port.

Step 4

Turn on the television, signal enhancer and your cable receiver.