How to Build Buttons in Keynote

by Noah Christman

Keynote, Apple’s answer to Microsoft PowerPoint, is a presentation program that enables you to create elaborate slideshows with ease. By using one of the many built-in templates, or even building your own, you can create a great-looking presentation in very little time. Adding to the interactivity of Keynote is the ability to create buttons, little objects that, when clicked on, take the viewer to another slide, a webpage, an email message, or even another slideshow entirely.


Open up Keynote and create a new presentation from “New” under “File” in the menu bar.


Select your template and slide size and then select “Choose.”


Click the “Shapes” button on the toolbar and select a shape you wish to turn in to a button. The shape will appear on your slide. Select the handles around the shape to adjust its desired size.


Click on the “Inspector” button on the toolbar to open the “Inspector” window.


Select the “Graphic Inspector” button in the “Inspector” window to change the fill, stroke, and other graphic elements of your button.


Click on the “Link” button, a blue circle with white arrow, found on the right of the “Inspector” window, and select the check box for “Enable as a hyperlink.”


Click on the box that reads “Link To:” and select the destination of your button. If choosing a webpage enter the address of the webpage. If using the button to open an email message type in the recipient’s email address and a subject line. If the button should open another slideshow navigate to that file and select “Open.” Your button is now complete.

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