How to Get a Brother Scanner to Be a PDF

by Damarious Page

Scanning with a Brother appliance, such as a multifunction printer, allows you to create a document in a number of digital formats. The portable digital format, or PDF, is one of the most common formats that professionals use to convert paper documents to a format that may be easily viewed on the Internet, for example. Although a Brother multifunction printer supports PDF files, its current default setting might output in JPEG, TIFF or BMP formats when you initiate scanning functions. Access your Brother appliance's settings and reconfigure them to produce PDF documents.

Step 1

Click "Start" in the bottom left corner of your desktop, if your computer uses Microsoft Windows. Type "ControlCenter" as one word in the search box at the bottom of the "Start" menu. Press "Enter" to open the Brother Control Center application.

Step 2

Click the "Configuration" button at the top of the "Control Center" window. Select "Scan." Choose "File," opening another dialog box titled "Scan to File Configuration."

Step 3

Click the "Software Button" tab. Open the drop-down menu under "File Type." Choose "PDF."

Step 4

Click the "Device Button" tab. Again, choose "PDF" from the "File Type" drop-down menu.

Click the "OK" button in the dialog box to complete the process of getting the scanner to render documents in the PDF format. When you're ready to scan, place a document in the Brother appliance's feeder or on the flat bed. If you're operating the scanner from your computer, click "Scan," then "File" in the "Control Center" window. Alternatively, click the "Scan" button on the printer's keypad. The file is automatically named and saved to your hard drive.


  • Take note or change the destination folder for the PDF document in the "Scan to File Configuraton" dialog box.
  • Visit the Brother Solutions Center website to download the most recent version of the Control Center application. This update might also remedy problems with scanning to PDF, including an oversized file.
  • Download the user's manual for your specific Brother machine to find more detailed instructions.
  • Apple Mac users can access the Control Center by clicking the follow options in sequence: "Macintosh HD," "Library," "Printers," "Brother," "Utilities," "ControlCenter" and "" Click the "ControlCenter" icon on the Task Tray and choose "Open."


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