Broksonic VCR Instructions

By Chris Waller

The Broksonic VCR line enables to watch and record programming using VHS tapes. The VCR uses a remote control. It can be connected to your home cable system, allowing you to record a program. You can even set a timer to record a show while you are not home.

Plug the power cord from the back of the VCR into an open AC outlet in your home. Connect a coaxial cable from a cable outlet in your home to the input on the rear of the VCR. Connect the VCR to your television by connecting the audio/video cables to the output jacks on the rear of the device to the input jacks on your television.

Turn on your television and press the "Input" button to switch to the input to which you connected the VCR. Press the "Power" button on the VCR remote to turn on the device. Pressing the "Ch" up and down buttons on the VCR remote will move through available cable channels. Also, you can enter the channel number with the keypad on the remote.

Press the "Menu" button to enter the VCR's menu. Use the "Ch" up and down buttons to navigate the menu and the "Vol" left and right buttons to select a menu option or move back a step. Move down to the "Date/Time" option and press "Right" to select it. Use the up, down, left and right buttons to move between the date and time and the up and down buttons to change the values. When finished, press the "Menu" button to save your changes.

Insert a VHS tape into the tape deck. Press the "Play" button on the remote to begin playing the tape. The "Stop" button will stop playback. Use the "FFW" and "REW" buttons to move forward and backward in the tape. Press the "Ejct" button to eject the tape and remove it.

Insert a blank VHS tape into the VCR to record a program. Pressing the "Rec" button at any time will start recording what you are currently watching. Press the "Stop" button to stop recording. Press the "Menu" button to enter the menu and navigate to the "Set Recording" option. Here you can choose a date and time to set up a recording. Press "Menu" when finished. Leave a blank tape in the VCR and leave the device on and tuned to the channel you want to record before you leave.