How to Break a PDF File Into Parts

By Cooper Temple

Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a file format that was created by Adobe for the ease of sharing files and sharing across computer system platforms. PDF files are essentially a representation of an original document that can be accessed by individuals with different program packages, as long as they have a PDF reading program. Because PDF files are created from other documents, they can vary in file size and number of pages. You can easily break up a sizable PDF document by following a few simple steps.

Step 1

Launch a PDF writing program such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit or OpenPDF. If you do not have a PDF writing program, you can download a free trial from many website on the Internet (see Resources).

Step 2

Open a PDF file that you want to break up into different parts.

Step 3

Click on the "Document" drop-down menu and choose "Extract Pages." The name of the menu and the name of the function many vary from program to program. Select which pages you want to separate.

Step 4

If you select the “Delete Pages” option, the pages will simply be deleted from the original file. Select the “Extract Pages As Separate Files” option to save the extracted pages to their own file. Click “OK” after you have finished making your selection.

Step 5

Choose a folder to which you want to save the extracted pages and click “OK.” This action will save the selected pages to a new file, but the original pages will remain in the source document. If you selected the “Delete Pages” option in addition to “Extract Pages” in Step 4, the extracted pages will be deleted from the source document.