How to Break in an LCD TV

By Scott Eilers

LCD TVs can benefit from a break-in period.
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Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) televisions are a type of television which use a single backlight to illuminate a large array of liquid crystals. These liquid crystals actually make up the the screen of the television without the use of a glass panel or screen covering it. Althought not required, a break-in period of roughly 100 hours is recommended for most newer televisions of any kind to soften the brightness of the backlight, which will improve picture quality and reduce the chances of image retention, or "burn in."

Turn on the LCD TV by pressing the power button on either the remote or on the set itself.

Set the LCD TV to your cable or satellite input and select a channel that runs throughout the night with no service interruptions. Leave the TV on this channel overnight. Turn down the volume if the TV can be heard in your bedroom. It is very important that you use a TV channel for this task and not a different source such as a movie or a video game. Movies and video games often contain static images that can cause burn in. Also, do not select a channel with a logo or a "ticker," as these static displays can also cause burn in.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for approximately one week, which should result in about 100 hours of use assuming that the TV is also used during the day.