I Bought a New Computer: How Can I Move Programs & Files to It

by Tiffany Garden

You don't have to manually install and transfer your files and Windows settings between two computers. Windows has a migration tool available, called Windows Easy Transfer, that transfers your Windows settings, files, folders and programs between one computer and the other, allowing you to lower the amount of time it takes to get up and running on a brand new Windows-based system. Programs need to be reinstalled on an individual basis, as Windows Easy Transfer does not support program migration.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories" and "Windows Easy Transfer" on the computer containing your files and Windows settings. Connect the USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Click "Next." Choose the appropriate storage method for your transfer, such as "An External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive."

Check the user accounts you want to transfer. You can adjust the settings and files that are transferred specifically by clicking "Customize." Uncheck any categories you don't want to transfer. Click "Next."

Type a password if you want to protect the files, folders and settings you're transferring. Click "Save." Insert the USB flash drive or external hard drive into your new computer. Open Windows Easy Transfer and click the storage method for your transfer. Click "This Is My New Computer" and "Yes."

Double-click the transfer image and select the files, folders and settings you want to transfer to your new computer. Click "Save" to start the transfer process.

Install your programs on the new machine from the install packages or downloads. Run Windows Easy Transfer to apply the program settings from your original computer.

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