Bose QuietComfort Headset Buzz Fix

By William Pullman

Bose QuietComfort headsets reduce outside noise when listening to audio, which is helpful when working in noisy environments -- except when the headphones experience a buzzing noise that reduces the quality of your listening experience. The buzzing could have several sources, including low battery power, a dirty headphone connection or an issue with the audio source. You can often fix the buzzing problem by troubleshooting the headphones.

Check the connection between the headphones and the audio source. The headphone wire should plug fully into the jack on the headphones and the audio source.

Replace or charge the QuietComfort battery. The around-ear fit models store one AAA battery in the right ear cup. The on-ear fit models use a rechargeable battery that you need to pull off of the top of the right ear cup and place in the separate charger. The in-ear fit models are charged by connecting the supplied USB cable to the headphones.

Plug the headphones into another device and test them for the buzzing noise. If the buzzing noise isn't present, the problem may stem from the audio source.

Wipe off the battery contacts with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use water or cleaning solutions to wipe off any of the contacts.

Clean the headphone connector using isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.


If the buzzing sound persists, contact Bose customer support at 1-800-901-0875. You can also chat online with customer support from the Bose website (link in Resources).