How to Boot a Toshiba Laptop to BIOS

by Norm Dickinson
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Boot a Toshiba laptop computer into the BIOS setup program by pressing the appropriate key sequence during the boot process or with a utility program. Different models have varying ways to access the BIOS setup program, which is required to change the boot sequence or adjust system hardware configuration settings. The BIOS can also be password protected to require user authentication when the system first powers on, before the operating system is allowed to load.

Step 1

Power off the Toshiba laptop completely by clicking "Start" (Windows Orb) then choosing "Shutdown."

Step 2

Power on the computer. Press the "F2" key when prompted on the boot screen to enter the Toshiba laptop BIOS setup program. If the "F2" prompt does not appear, allow the computer to boot to Windows, then shut down the computer to try another method.

Power on the computer. Press the "ESC" key on the upper left corner of the keyboard immediately after turning on the power, hold it for three seconds then release it. Press the "F1" key when prompted on the boot screen to enter the Toshiba laptop BIOS setup program.


  • Do not lose the password for the system BIOS on a Toshiba laptop, as resetting the password can require a technician or service center to disassemble the laptop.


  • Some Toshiba laptops contain a BIOS setup utility that is installed under Windows in the Control Panel. This utility allows some changes to the BIOS setup configuration, and is available for download from Toshiba if it is not installed on a particular model.


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