How to Boost a Weak Wi-Fi Signal

by Dan Lyman

A weak wireless internet signal is a frustrating situation, and can hinder productivity and time management. In a time where you can use the Internet at blazing, near-instantaneous speeds, struggling with a poor connection is an unpleasant and irritating experience. Boosting a signal can be as easy as adjusting where the router is positioned or aimed, but there are technological remedies for the issue as well.


Place the wireless router in the most central location possible in your home or business. In general, routers project their signal in in a uniform, omnidirectional pattern.


Replace your router's omnidirectional antenna, if it's removable, with a high-gain, unidirectional antenna. This will channel all the broadcasting power of the router and make it reach farther in one general direction. This is especially helpful if the router cannot be located centrally.


Buy a wireless repeater, which is inexpensive and simple to set up. It takes the wireless signal and throws it farther and stronger.


Align your equipment brands uniformly. While most routers work with most network adapters, they work best when they are the same brand. Use a Linksys router with a Linksys adapter, or a D-Link router with a D-Link adapter, for example.


Protect your Wi-Fi network with a password. If your neighbors are hopping onto your signal, its potency will be decreased considerably.

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