How to Boost Volume on Netflix Online?

By Joshua Phillips

Watch movies on your computer using the Netflix service.
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Netflix offers the convenience of streaming certain television shows and movies directly to your computer using the "Watch Instantly" service and the Netflix Player. If you find that a streaming television show or movie has low volume, your first reaction to boost the volume is likely to raise either the volume on your player, your speakers or both. When you've tried to raise the video volume and computer speaker volume to no avail, the problem may lie with the Silverlight plugin that is used to play the video. Fixing this problem requires clearing Silverlight's temporary files to remove any that might be corrupted.

Step 1

Close all open Internet browsers.

Step 2

Press the "Windows-R" keys on your keyboard simultaneously to access the Run dialog box.

Step 3

Type the phrase %userprofile%/appdata into the Open field and click "OK."

Step 4

Navigate to the "Silverlight" folder by double clicking on folder "LocalLow" then "Microsoft."

Step 5

Right-click the "is" folder and choose "Delete" from the drop-down menu.

Step 6

Open your Internet browser and start any Netflix streaming TV show or movie to verify your volume is back to normal levels.