How to Boost Wireless Internet Speed Using Wireless N Access Point

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The Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader from TrendNet increases the home wireless internet speed 12 times and improves the coverage 6 times than a regular Wireless B or G Router. Other manufacturers like D-Link DIR 615, Linksys WRT160N wireless routers have similar performance. Also the 300Mbps Data Rate boosts the wireless internet speed significantly. There are various configuration and installation steps involved in upgrading the home wireless internet system.

The TRENDNET TEW-637AP Wireless Access point upgrader can be purchased for about $30-$40 online or from an electronics shop. The package will contain an installation guide, AC power adapter, RJ-45 cable and a software CD-ROM. Many people have their VOIP (Voice over internet phone) connected to the home internet network through the Internet cable modem and Wireless Router. It is important to connect all the devices properly for proper functioning and increasing the internet speed. In this tutorial, there are 4 devices connected to the home internet network. These are the internet cable modem, Wireless Router (TRENDNET 432-BRP), VOIP phone adapter, TRENDNET TEW-637AP Wireless access point.

Connect the Internet Cable modem to the CATV wall outlet using supplied Coaxial cable. Connect an RJ-45 ethernet cable to the cable modem and connect its other end to the WAN port of Wireless Router. Do not Switch ON power for any of the devices unless they are all connected properly together.

A Wireless router usually has one input WAN port and several output LAN ports. Connect an RJ-45 ethernet cable from the LAN output 1 of the wireless router to the WAN input of VOIP phone adapter. Connect another RJ-45 ethernet cable from the LAN output 2 of the wireless router to the LAN input of the TEW-637AP wireless access point. Connect the phone device to the VOIP phone adapter. Once all these connections are made, connect the AC power adapters of all these devices to the wall power outlet and wait till all the devices are synchronized with each other.

Insert the CD-ROM supplied with TEW-637AP product into the computer's drive and install the configuration software on the computer. Configure the TEW-637AP Wireless access point. The default password required is "admin". Note down the IP address obtained by the device from the wireless router. Select a name (SSID) for the network and the type of network security desired. These steps will configure the device.

The wireless network connection will show two different connections for the wireless network instead of one. For example, in the picture shown, the two networks "DESHMUKH" and "DESHMUKH637" are shown. The first wireless network is the one obtained directly from the Wireless Router. The second one is obtained from the TEW-637AP wireless access point device which is the signal boosted 12 times with 6 times more coverage.


  • check It is important to secure the home wireless internet network. The WPA-PSK, WEP or WPA are different types of network securities which can be used. The resources section contains a link which shows how to secure home wireless internet.

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