How to Boost Telephone Wiring Signal Strength

By Shelley Smith

Boost your home telephone signal easily.
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Wired telephones are installed in buildings and homes. Dense walls in a building or home can reduce telephone signal strength. Improving or boosting the signal strength can make the communication clearer throughout the home or building. In addition, calls may not be interrupted or unclear because you have carried the phone too far away from the base telephone unit.

Contact your home phone service provider to request an increased signal. Your provider is the expert on the wiring and the telephones associated with the wiring. Your provider can access issues remotely to determine if there are wiring issues. In many cases, your provider will send a service technician to your home or business to access the signal issue and make any repairs if necessary. If you have an inside wire maintenance plan, then there is no charge for the visit.

Power cycle all telephones in the home or building. Unplug and turn off all of your phones, which reboots the phone. This process allows the phones to reset and start up with a fresh signal. Turn on the phones after a minute and see if it improves your signal.

Recharge or replace the battery for the hand unit, which can also be a reason for a weak signal. When the battery life is low or the battery is old and needs to be replaced, the signal to the phone will be weak.

Upgrade your cordless telephone. Technology with wired telephones improves quickly. Make sure that you have the latest technology because the range or signal strength is one factor that continues to improve with technological advances.