How to Boost a DSL Signal Throughout a House

By Steven Hill

Boosting your wireless DSL signal can give you more Internet portability.
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If you have a larger house, a weak router or modem or a combination of the two, you should consider boosting your DSL signal strength. Boosting the signal will help you eliminate areas of the house where the signal becomes weak and allow you to use your Wi-Fi devices from a greater distance and at greater speed. Greater signal strength also increases network reliability, especially if your work areas or computers are several rooms away from one another.

Step 1

Purchase a wireless router. Find a router that offers high signal strength. To keep up maximum speed, make sure that the router provides support for wireless "N" or "N+" networks.

Step 2

Place the router in a central location in your house for even signal strength in the area. Plug the router's power cable into the router and a power socket.

Step 3

Remove the Ethernet cable connecting your DSL modem to your computer from your computer, or from your old router's "WAN" port. This port is sometimes labeled "Internet" instead of "WAN" and is often a different color from the other Ethernet ports.

Step 4

Insert the unplugged end of the Ethernet cable leading from your DSL modem into the "WAN" port on your new wireless router.

Step 5

Configure your wireless router's wireless network according to the instructions in the device manual.