How to Boost a Cell Signal With a Dish

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

The interior antenna in a cell phone cannot operate as efficiently as an external antenna. To enhance the cell phone's signal, add the parabolic properties of a dish as an external antenna. A few parts from a hobby store and a kitchen supply shop are all that is needed, as are a few tools most households already have on hand.

Collapse the metal strainer. Place the strainer facedown on a work surface. Cut a hole through the center of the strainer's bottom with a portable drill.

Place the N adapter plate faceup on the work surface. Heat up the soldering iron for four minutes. Insert an end of the copper wire into the center contact in the N adapter plate. Apply a drop of solder to the end of the copper wire to secure it inside the contact. Release the copper wire after 20 seconds have passed.

Push the free end of the copper wire through the hole in the strainer. Press the sides of the N adapter plate against the strainer. Solder the sides of the N adapter plate to the strainer. Let the solder cool for two minutes. Unplug the soldering iron.

Insert the "N" port on the Pigtail N adapter into the socket on the back of the N adapter plate. Pull the protective rubber cover off the antenna port on the cell phone with your fingers. Insert the Pigtail N adapter's antenna plug into the cell phone's antenna port.

Unfold the strainer so that it forms a dish shape. Aim the front of the strainer in the general direction of the cellular towers--if inside, toward a window or glass door, and if outside, toward the horizon.