How to Boost the Cell Phone Signal for an iPhone

by Marissa Robert
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Apple's iPhone has been in the news with complaints from users concerning poor reception. Various solutions for boosting the signal have been proposed by end users. Even if your iPhone hasn't experienced reception problems, you may benefit from a signal boost. A stronger signal can help ensure your important calls from friends and co-workers won't be missed or dropped. A number of products designed to boost the iPhone's signal strength are on the market; some are simple to use and can be easily installed by almost any end user.

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Place a sticky signal booster under the battery of your iPhone to boost the signal. A sticky signal booster is a strip of plastic with adhesive and metal strips on one side. Some of these boosters are installed under the battery, while others are placed on the back just inside the casing. Both can increase your signal strength without any special tools and they are cost effective. If the metallic strips in the signal booster start to wear, your signal strength may be reduced again.

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Boost your iPhone signal with a special case that's designed for this purpose. A signal boosting case is a protective, plastic case that fits over the iPhone and amplifies the signal, giving you better coverage. Unsnap the front of the case from the back, place the iPhone inside and snap the case back together. This is a cost-effective solution and does not require any special tools.

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Charge your iPhone and boost the signal simultaneously with a booster cradle. You plug the iPhone into the cradle to charge it and at the same time boost the signal. The cradle is designed for installation in your car and it plugs into a 12-volt outlet or cigarette lighter. You may be able to hardwire it into your car's electrical system as well. Installation procedures vary by brand and model, so refer to the product documentation before proceeding. Although more expensive, a booster cradle may improve your data connection and call quality in weaker signal areas.

Use a signal amplifier in your home or office to boost your iPhone's weak signal. A signal amplifier generally has a wire or another antenna that is taped to the inside of a window to pick up the cell signal and then rebroadcast it to your phone. This device can be helpful in a building where you spend lots of time but it is impractical for boosting your signal outdoors or in a building where you spend little time.


  • A badly positioned SIM card can affect your call quality. Adjust the positioning of your SIM card in the slot at the top of the iPhone to improve your signal strength. Use a straightened paper clip to open the tray. Set the SIM card in place and close the tray.
  • Make sure the SIM card tray is free of dust and debris, as this may degrade the signal in your iPhone.
  • You also may be able to increase your signal strength by inserting a USB dongle into the dongle connection on your iPhone. It's not necessary to connect the other side of the dongle to your computer; it can simply hang from the bottom of your iPhone while you talk.


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