How to Boost Your Cable Modem

by Eoghan McCloskey

Cable modems are among the most widely used Internet-access technologies. Technical issues such as intermittent or no connectivity and slow Internet load times are common complaints about cable modem connections. Internet service providers staff technical support teams to assist you, but it is useful to know how to troubleshoot these problems on your own and save time and effort while also guaranteeing the consistency of your Internet connection. If you are experiencing slow Internet speeds and need to boost the load times you are seeing in your Web browser, you can do so using a few simple steps.


Reset your modem by unplugging its power cord for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Allow 30 seconds for the modem to run through its boot cycle and then test the speeds again to check for a perceptible boost.


Reset the coaxial connection by unscrewing the coaxial cable from the modem's coaxial connection and checking the copper needle that runs through the middle for bending or damage. Also, run a soft, dry cloth over the metal threads on the modem's coaxial connection to clear any dust or static electricity buildup that can cause a slowdown in speeds. Reattach all cables and reset the modem in the manner described above. Again, check Internet load times for a boost.


Contact your Internet service provider's technical support department. You could be experiencing a service outage or degradation that is causing a temporary slowdown of load times. Your modem could be experiencing a hardware failure, or you may simply require an Internet speed upgrade to meet the demand of your Internet usage.

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