How to Boost Business with Facebook

by Kendra Dahlstrom

Social networking sites, like Facebook, are the wave of the future in advertising. Billions of people all over the world use Facebook to meet new friends, get together with old, and talk with their current friends. With all this enjoyment, they don't even realize they are being bombarded with advertisements. You too can join in and cash in on some of the fun. You can create a Facebook account for the sole purpose of boosting your business. Not only is it completely free, but your business will likely improve with little effort. This article will show you what to do to create a Facebook account to boost your own business.

Add pictures and create an inviting profile. Becoming a member of Facebook is simply not enough, you must have a professional looking picture, a decent bio and a list of interests. These are all qualities that will attract online friends to you.

Update your mood frequently. When someone is your friend on Facebook, they can see your "mood" and your picture even before they enter your profile. In fact, all of your friends will get constant updates if you change your mood. Constant reminders of you and your business are good.

Add your website addresses and your business name and contact information to your profile. Don't forget to give the most important information: what you do for a living, and how people can see your work for themselves. Clickable links are the best way to accomplish this task.

Request friends like crazy. Search for long lost high school friends, people who graduated from the same college as you, or people who live in your state. The more friends you have, the more people that will frequently look at your profile and business information.

Post videos and bulletin board advertisements for your business giving your Facebook friends special deals. Again, each time you update your Facebook profile, all of your friends will be alerted. This means your advertisements will reach all of your friends.

Join groups that relate to your business. If you sell baby clothes, join parenting groups, or groups that love children. Once you are in the groups, request each member as your friend.

Post thoughtful messages on the "wall" of these groups. Everyone will read the "wall" if they are a member of a particular group. If you post insightful messages, they will click on your name and read your profile. The more exposure, the better.


  • check When creating your own profile, spell out words entirely. Leave the shortcut words for texting your friends.


  • close Don't post personal jokes, bad language or indecent pictures on your professional Facebook page. Save that for a different personal page.

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