How to Boost an AT&T Signal

by Kenyonda Bradley
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AT&T is a major telecommunications company that offers a variety of mobile phones. Although AT&T has a large wireless network, subscribers may still experience signal lost from time to time. The lost of your mobile phone signal could be contributed to several factors beyond AT&T's control. However, there are ways that you can boost the signal on your AT&T cell phone.

Step 1

Charge the battery in your mobile phone to boost your signal. A weak phone battery may be able to connect a call or send a text message, but it may not be strong enough to find a good signal.

Step 2

Move to an open area, free of obstructions such as large buildings. If inside, sit near a window or move to a higher floor. The closer you are to an obstruction or underground, the poorer your cell phone signal will be.

Step 3

Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your mobile phone (if applicable) to boost your AT&T signal. Wi-Fi allows you to connect to a reliable wireless Internet signal, which you can use to make calls, receive data and browse the web.

Step 4

Purchase an antenna booster and install it on your mobile phone. Antenna boosters work by amplifying your dwindling signal, which increases its output.

Make sure your phone's antenna is erected and not covered by a phone case or your hand. Covering your cell phone antenna will limit your cell phone signal and may cause you to roam outside the AT&T network.


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