How to Bookmark URLs

By Nicole Byerly

Bookmark URLs for websites you visit frequently.
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While browsing the Web, you may come across a website that you enjoy and intend to revisit from time to time. In order to remember the URL for the website, you have the option to bookmark it by adding it to your favorites. This is a simple process that you can complete in less than a minute, enabling you to stop back at the website anytime.

Internet Explorer

Load the website you want to bookmark in your Internet Explorer browser.

Click on the "Favorites" tab located on the top left-hand side of your browser screen. This will prompt a box to load on the left-hand side of your browser window.

Select the "Add to Favorites" button located on the left-hand side, above the "Favorites," "Feeds" and "History" tabs. The icon has a star to the left-hand side with a plus sign on top it. This will prompt a pop-up to load on your screen displaying the website's name and URL.

Choose the folder you would like to save the URL in using the folder drop-down list, or create a new folder by clicking the "New Folder" button, naming the new folder and clicking "Create." Click the "Add" button.

Mozilla Firefox

Load the website in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Locate the website location bar. The location bar is found on the top of the screen, in the same bar as the Back and Forward, Refresh, Stop and Home icons. (The Home icon looks like a little house.) The complete URL is displayed in the white bar to the right of the Home icon.

Click the white star icon in the location bar. The star turns yellow once you click on it, indicating that the URL has been bookmarked.

Click on the yellow star to edit the details. The name of the website will display, allowing you to rename it if necessary. There is also a "Folder" list that allows you to organize your bookmarks.

Select the folder by clicking on the downward arrow inside the folder name box. Click on the folder where you want to save the bookmark and click "Done."

Google Chrome

Load the website in your Google Chrome browser.

In the right-hand end of the URL bar at top of the browser window, you will see a clear star, much like the bookmark star in Firefox. Click this star. It will turn yellow, and a menu will pop up that allows you to choose what folder you want to save the URL in. Click the correct folder, and click "Done." Your bookmark is saved.

Click on the Wrench icon located on the top area of the browser screen. Select the "Tools" option and click "Always show bookmarks bar." This will continually display the bookmark bar, allowing you to easily access bookmarks. (This step is an action you will not have to repeat.)